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Geographical and ethnographical elucidations to the discoveries of Maerten Gerrits Vries

Geographical and ethnographical elucidations to the discoveries of Maerten Gerrits Vries, commander of the flute Castricum, A.D. 1643.
In the east and north of Japan; to serve as a mariner’s guide in the navigation of the east coast of Japan, and to Jezo, Krafto, and the Kuril.

Philipp Franz Von Siebold


Aino signifies man, human being, and is the name this tribe gives itself and under which it is known. In the oldest historical times (600 b. Christ), the Ainoes who in the history of Japan are called Asuma Jebisu that is, East-savages, inhabited the most northern part of the island of Nippon viz., the present provinces of Mutsu, Dewa and the north of Jetsigo then called Jebisu no Kuni the Land of the savages. As late as the 7th cent. the Jebisu were spread over Mutsu and Dewa up to 38º N. lat., and were in continual war with the Japanese. At the beginning of the 9th cent, the island of Nippon had already come under the domination of the Mikadoes the hereditary emperors of Japan; not- withstanding however, the civilised population of the south of Japan, spreading up to the north, carried on a continual struggle with that rude northern tribe, till they were at length subdued and amalgamated to one people, or else partly driven out, partly exterminated.
Many who would not submit had passed over to Jezo crossing the strait Tsugar, which separates Nippon from that island, and united themselves there with their old compatriots. But in the 14th cent, the Ainoes in the S. of that island were also reduced by the Japanese. The Ainoes now inhabit Jezo and the Kurils and the S. part of Krafto along the W. coast up to 48° N. lat. and the E. coast to the Bay of Patientie.


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